Exclusive! ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is at fault for Salman Khan’s exit, not Salman; Karan Johar and Farah Khan will divide the episodes till the Grand Finale

The heading itself tells you that Salman Khan will be hosting the Grand Finale of ‘Bigg Boss 16′. The ‘Dabangg’ star will return for the concluding episode. Till then, not just Farah Khan or Karan Johar but both Farah and Karan will divide the episodes to host it. Remember you read it loud and clear only on ETimes TV FIRST & EXCLUSIVE.
Salman Khan’s fans have been asking why Salman is out. Well, it so happens that the makers of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ had signed up Salman only till mid-January. Reason? The show was supposed to end by mid-January. Now, as usual, the makers came up with a proposal that they can reap more fruit if they extend the show. Pehle aise nahin lag raha tha, lekin kuch din se thoda-bahut buzz of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is happening in the drawing rooms; it’s never just about the TRPs, the buzz this year has been very low. And, the truth should always be told.

So, Salman was not amused when he was told about the extension but he sort of expected it. It hasn’t happened for the first time that this show has been extended, err, stretched. But this time he had no dates. He had allocated post-mid January dates for other projects. He told the makers of the show very clearly and bowed out.
There was no animosity, no bad blood. In fact, if Salman Khan has time for any episode hereafter in the on-going sixteenth season, he will grace the show.

Earlier when Salman Khan was unwell, Karan Johar had swapped his place for a few episodes and hosted the show. Now, Karan Johar will come again and might have his KJo special again. This time even Farah Khan will add drama to the last Weekend Ka Vaars.

But, but…wait! Salman has promised to return for the Grand Finale. The makers heaved a sigh of relief and continued with their extension, sorry, stretch.

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