Kraken staking ban is another nail in crypto’s coffin — and that’s a good thing By Cointelegraph


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Rumors of an impending crypto ban came to fruition on Feb. 9 with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement action against Kraken, which resulted in a settlement where the exchange agreed to end its staking services for American users. The action will likely extend to all companies based in the United States.

Reactions were predictable depending on where you stand on crypto in general. Crypto advocates railed against regulators who are slowly asphyxiating this burgeoning industry, while skeptics celebrated crypto’s impending demise. The advocates have it right. Antagonistic regulators will force crypto into friendlier jurisdictions, which will reap the economic benefits. The skeptics have it right, too. This event, and much of those from last year, is killing crypto. Their apparent glee is misplaced, though. This is a good thing.

Dennis Jarvis is the CEO of .com. He previously held various management and product management roles at Apple (NASDAQ:), Rakuten and distributed ledger startup Orb. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Temple University and is an avid outdoorsman and ski instructor.

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