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A man has alleged he was informed by a Zomato delivery person about a scam happening on the food delivery platform after the executive advised him of choosing cash on delivery (COD) as the payment mode the next time he ordered from the application.

The man named Vinay Sati, who is an entrepreneur, narrated the conversation between him and the Zomato delivery person in a LinkedIn post. He said he got “goosebumps” after hearing about the scam.

Sati said that the delivery person taught him how he can order food worth 700-800 and pay only 200 via COD.

The post that has attracted more than 600 reactions on LinkedIn, and reposted 18 times, also caught the attention of Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal.

“Aware of this. Working to plug the loopholes,” he replied under the comments.

Sati said that he ordered burgers from Zomato, and paid for the order online. When the delivery executive came with the food items 30 to 40 minutes later, he advised the entrepreneur to avoid choosing online payment the next time.

The delivery person, according to Sati, further stated he will show his employer about him failing to receive the order even though in reality he will deliver the item.

Aap bas mujhe 200rs, 300rs de dena or 1000 rs ke khane ke maje lena,” Sati claimed the delivery person told him.

The entrepreneur then addressed Goyal in his post, and said the latter should not pretend that he is unaware of this, while terming the pratise “shocking”.

“And if even after knowing all this, you (Goyal) are not able to solve it So what are your #IIM guys doing?” Sati wrote in his post.

He said that he had two options after learning about the alleged scam. The first was to enjoy the ‘offer’ the delivery person made, and the second was to expose the scandal. “Being an entrepreneur, I chose the second option,” he added in the post.

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