Best Health Insurance Plans in New York

New York residents have access to a variety of affordable health insurance options, including free or low cost programs like Medicaid, Essential Plan and Child Health Plus. Financial help is available to purchase private health insurance through the NY State of Health Marketplace.

The NY State of Health Marketplace is the place to shop for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance. It is also where you can find out if you are eligible for tax credits to help pay your premiums.


Generally, Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premiums but also the highest maximum out-of-pocket costs. They are best for individuals who do not expect to go to the doctor often and have savings available to pay their share of costs. MoneyGeek’s analysis shows that, on average, the cheapest Bronze plan in New York is from Independent Health and the most expensive is from Fidelis Care. Since New York’s Marketplace allows multiple private insurers to offer the same plans, a plan offered by one company may cost less or more than another.

Individuals and families can compare and evaluate their options for Bronze plans in New York on the NY State of Health website to find the right fit. Individuals can switch their plan during the annual Open Enrollment period or take advantage of a Special Enrollment Period when they experience certain life events. A variety of financial assistance is available to help reduce the cost of premiums and out-of-pocket costs for eligible individuals.


New York offers a wide variety of health insurance plans. All marketplace plans include 10 essential benefits and are grouped into metal tiers to help balance premium costs and out-of-pocket expenses. Families are encouraged to compare the options available to find a plan that meets their needs.

The best Silver plans in New York can be found from EmblemHealth and Fidelis Care. Both offer a large network of doctors and hospitals across the state. EmblemHealth is a non-profit that puts its members first. Its BlueCard PPO network allows its members to visit doctors and hospitals nationwide without a referral.

Fidelis Care is another not-for-profit health insurer that prioritizes its customers. Its network includes doctors and hospitals in 49 of New York’s 62 counties. Fidelis also has a low-cost Bronze plan available to those who qualify for financial assistance.


In New York, there are a number of health insurance plans that offer coverage for various medical needs. The New York State of Health (the Marketplace) is where individuals and families can shop, compare, and enroll in a plan that fits their specific health care needs and budget. The Marketplace is also where individuals can find out if they qualify for financial assistance to help lower the cost of their monthly premium or out-of-pocket costs.

For families that need broad medical coverage, a Gold plan may be right for them. The average monthly premium on a Gold plan is $1,485, with an MOOP expense of $7,917. The Empire State offers a variety of Gold plans, including those from Oscar and Independent Health. Both have large networks of doctors and other healthcare providers. Independent Health also offers 24 Silver OON plans that are family-friendly, making it an excellent choice for families in need of broad medical coverage.


The Empire State is famous for its towering skyscrapers, dreamy fall foliage, and something else — comprehensive health care options. In fact, New York is the 15th best state in the country for its access to quality medical care, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

Health insurance providers offer different plans that fit a variety of needs and budgets. These plans are usually available during open enrollment. They are categorized in metal tiers and vary in terms of coverage, deductibles, and co-insurance costs.

Insurance companies cannot discriminate against applicants based on their age, gender, or history of health conditions. They can also not charge higher rates for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

Several insurance providers in New York offer affordable private plan options. For example, Fidelis Care is the cheapest option in most counties and offers individual, family and Medicare/Medicare Advantage plans. In addition, they have a network of area clinics. Alternatively, Healthfirst is another popular New York insurer with a wide range of options for individuals and families.

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