Top 5 Hospitals in Chennai

At Chennai’s top hospitals, medical excellence is achieved through cutting-edge advances in orthopaedics and organ transplantation; and by creating world-class infrastructure. Their global reputation owes itself to an ongoing vision for patient care that they possess.

These multispeciality hospitals in Chennai are renowned for providing outstanding patient-care. Boasting advanced facilities, world-renowned doctors, and offering personalized solutions, these healthcare destinations have made an impactful mark in India as leading healthcare destinations.

1. Fortis Malar

This hospital boasts world-class infrastructure with advanced operating rooms and outstanding services, making it one of the premier hospitals in Chennai. Furthermore, this multispeciality hospital employs expert medical professionals.

At this renowned multi-specialty corporate hospital, patients can access comprehensive care in cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, nephrology and urology. With its team of highly experienced doctors committed to providing top quality healthcare, this hospital aims at offering patients quality healthcare.

Fortis Healthcare – India’s fastest growing hospital network – acquired this hospital in 2007 under its original name of Malar Hospital. Since that time, Fortis Healthcare has provided patients with outstanding tertiary care hospital services at this site.

This hospital, situated at the heart of the city and easily accessible from all parts of the state, boasts advanced equipment and boasts an outstanding team of doctors specializing in their respective fields. Offering treatment for various illnesses as well as hosting several research centres.

2. MIOT International

MIOT International Hospital stands out among Chennai’s multispeciality hospitals as an advanced medical facility offering orthopedic care. Equipped with experienced doctors and cutting-edge technology, this multispeciality hospital has become renowned for joint replacement surgery, sports medicine and trauma care services.

This top-ranked hospital in Chennai is widely respected for its dedication to clinical excellence, surgical precision, patient safety and an environment conducive to healing. Furthermore, their team of healthcare professionals prioritize patient comfort and care.

Patients from across India and even around the world travel to Chennai for advanced procedures and treatments at its world-class multispecialty hospitals. Residents also enjoy access to these exceptional healthcare facilities that specialize in personalized patient care using cutting-edge technology within an environment tailored to individual patient needs.

3. Kauvery Hospital

Multispeciality hospitals in Chennai provide patients with comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. Their comprehensive offerings include treatment options, surgeries, diagnostics and more – providing the highest standard of medical care to each individual patient. In addition, these hospitals are known for their expert doctors and state-of-the-art facilities.

VS Hospitals stands out as one of the premier multispeciality hospitals in Chennai, offering comprehensive outpatient and inpatient treatment. Renowned for its handpicked team of highly-skilled medical experts and cutting-edge infrastructure, it has earned itself a solid reputation among residents in Chennai as an unparalleled healthcare destination. Prioritizing patient trust while providing compassionate care that promotes healing; with proven records in clinical efficiency, surgical precision, diagnostic accuracy and more.

CTS Speciality Hospital is an esteemed healthcare institution renowned for providing outstanding healthcare services. This institution boasts an impressive roster of specialties such as cardiology, gastroenterology and neurology as well as expert doctors and cutting-edge facilities that have earned it widespread respect throughout India and internationally. CTS has achieved much over its history that has given it such a great standing – this reputation draws patients from both domestic and overseas locations alike.

4. Apollo Hospital Greams Road

Chennai is widely recognized for its healthcare infrastructure. Its hospitals feature state-of-the-art technology and employ renowned medical professionals, while also being culturally rich with affordable prices that draw patients from across India and further.

Chennai has quickly established itself as a premier medical tourism hub with its state-of-the-art facilities, world-class doctors, and comprehensive range of specialised services. Many hospitals in the city have pioneered innovative techniques such as coronary angioplasty and stereotactic radiotherapy (for brain tumours). Many are widely recognized for offering superior treatment modalities.

Apollo Hospital Greams Road is a multi-speciality hospital specializing in cardiovascular disease, cancer, bone and joint disorders, organ transplants, neurology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, infertility and robotic surgery – advanced technologies which help speed up recovery for its patients faster and safer than traditional surgery techniques alone. Daily admissions total 2200 and 10,000 pharmacy walk-ins make this facility one of the few hospitals nationwide performing computer-assisted knee replacement. With 560 beds including 46 ICU beds as well as 15 operating rooms, Apollo Hospital Greams Road offers cutting-edge care at its facility.

5. MGM Healthcare

Aminjikarai Hospital Campus was designed with healing in mind, creating a serene hospital atmosphere through features like its tallest vertical garden and themed art galleries on each floor. Through this innovative approach, they aim to enhance patient experiences and outcomes.

Chennai’s top hospitals strive to set new standards in healthcare with their skilled medical teams and cutting-edge equipment, investing in cutting-edge research while working closely with global partners to advance medical technology and procedures, offering comprehensive patient-centric care.

Chennai’s leading hospitals feature multidisciplinary teams of allied health professionals such as physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists and nutritionists that work together to optimize patient recovery. Furthermore, support services like social workers and counselors ensure patients feel fully backed on their journey towards recovery.

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